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Tool that is used when using the electric wheel for marking the cm in order to make the same exact pieces again and again.

Α2 - Bead maker

Bead Maker geared. Internal diameter 70 mm. Upon purchase we give you 2 aluminum rings to allow you to form any shape you wish, after you take thme to any machine shop.

Α21 - Sheet former

To form clay sheets. With adjustable bridge to sheet form clay in greater thickness up to 15cm. Dimensions are: 130 X 63 mm. Exceptional and easy to use tool to form clay sheets. This particular system is maintenance free.

Α23 - Βanding wheel on adjustable stand

Platter diameter 300 mm, height from 750 mm to 1100 mm. It has the same properties and capacity as a table top wheel.

Α3 - Mixer

Enamel and molt mixer, capacity 40kg. Rated at ½ HP at 1400 rpm. Net height 50 mm, axle with safety plastic screw.

Α7 - Sponge cleaner

This sponge cleaner is made in Greece and is used to remove to trim enamel smalt from the foot of the object. There is a water basin under the sponge to receive the enamel removed from the object. The enamel collected in the basin can be reused after a few days when it has dried out. This machine complies with all the requirements set by E.U. and bears the CE approval.

Α8 - Giffin Grip

From USA. The Giffin Grip is an invaluable trimming chuck for leather-hard or bisque thrown pottery. Designed for pottery trimming, it functions equally well for waxing the foot and banding with oxides for glazing.Attaches easily to the wheel with the accessories included.

Α9 - Wheel

Table top wheel for lines, stripes and other clay ? pottery operations. 2 sizes platter (small and large) with centering lines, diameter 150 mm and 240 mm.


Machine that keeps all the the remains of clay and glazes to prevent the drains of the workshop from blocking.