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PM90 - pugmill without vacuum

Pugmil without vacuum, made in Italy Dimensions : 120cm x 42cm x 60cm ύψος Technical characteristics : Voltage : 220V / 5HZ Power : 0,75KW Clay diameter : 90mm Production: 320kg/h Weight : 80kg. Cutter and measuring disc.

RK-3-E Electric wheel

Electric wheel, soundless, made in Japan by Shimpo, 1-phase : 400W Volt : 230 50-60HZ Wheelhead: aluminum with cirles 350mm diameter, Wheel Dimensions: 600 X 702 X 580 (height) mm Weight : 42,5 kg.

RK-55 Electric wheel

Electric wheel soundless with foot pedal, made in Japan by Shimpo, 1-phase:100W, Headwheel: 300mmΦ metal, RPM: 0-250/min, Clay resistance : up to 10kg., Dimensions of wheel: 560 X 720 X 540 (height) mm, Wheight of wheel: 23Kg.

VPM90 - Pugmill with Vacuum

Technical characteristics : Voltage : 220/50HZ Power : 0,9KW Clay diameter : 90mm Production / hour: 200kg External dimensions : 1450 X 420 X 600MM Weight : 105kg. Cutter and measuring disc, oil pump and pressure gauge.

Whisper-T wheel

Electric Wheel, soundless, made in Japan by Shimpo, 1-phase : 300W Volt: 230 50HZ Wheelhead: aluminum with cirles 300mm diameter Clay resistance : 10kg. Wheel Dimensions: 750 Χ 572 Χ 580(height) mm Weight: 43 kg.

A25 - Pugmill without vacuum - GREEK

Pugmil without vacuum, made in Greece, singlefase, aluminum. Technical characteristics : Clay diameter : 70mm, Power : 0.37kw, Volt : 230, Dimensions : 40 X 60cm.